AYUDA, LLC provides a wide variety of pipeline training, assessment, hands-on evaluation and proctoring services, including Operator Qualification.

Ken Hess is a highly qualified and experienced Pipeline, Refining and Logistics Pipeline Controller with 30+ years experience and a Subject Matter Expert in Control Center Operations. Ken has a long term interest in streamling OQ and Safety Training processes. He is an experienced Operations Manager, Senior Pipeline Controller and Process Operator (LEU, PDA & MEK Units). He is retired from a major liquids operator, with moderate experience in the gas operations. Ken serves as AYUDA’s PT Operations Manager which includes Instructor/Evaluator Development. He served our country as a US Navy Electrician. Click here for a full resume.

Our business model is to travel to your location(s) and perform OQ services in your conference rooms, shops and yards. It has been our experience that participants are more successful in familiar surroundings. Operators and Contractors are required to provide the necessary and appropriate space, tools, material and equipment to cover all requested OQ services, including hands-on evals based on a Tools, Materials and Equipment List we provide to you, based on the scope of OQ training being delivered.